100% OF PROFITS DONATED TO STANDING ROCK: The profits will be used to help the protest continue through the Winter by supplying items to winterize the Oceti Sakowin Camp. The money will also be used to purchase food and kitchen supplies for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. standing-rock-bl




We are offering yard signs to allow people all over the country to show support and stand in solidarity with Standing Rock. We want government officials nation wide to be aware that people know what’s going on, care about the issue, and are supportive of the Native people in their fight against this pipeline.


Native Americans in this country have suffered through 500 years of broken promises from our government. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe decided they could take no more broken promises when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) granted authorization to the Dakota Access Pipeline to be constructed against their will. The current route of construction takes the pipeline through many sacred religious and cultural sites, including burial sites of their ancestors. In addition, the pipeline is supposed to go under Lake Oahe, which would greatly jeopardize the tribe’s water supply. Water is life for all people and we must help to protect this finite resource. Other Native tribes and people of all races and creeds from around the world have traveled to show their support and stand along side the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. This is not the first time that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has had their land seized by the government. In 1877 Congress removed the Sacred Black Hills from the Great Sioux Reservation. The U.S. Supreme Court later responded to this action of Congress by stating, “A more ripe and rank case of dishonorable dealings will never, in all probability, be found in our history.” Time and time again the Native people of this nation have been disrespected, deceived, and victimized. Their land, culture, and lifestyle have been stolen from them and we need to come together to prevent it from happening again. Please join us and stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. We must help keep their land and water safe and demand that our government respect their sovereignty. If you feel inspired to share this issue you can use the following hashtags to help spread the message: #Istandwithstandingrock #westandwithstanding #NODPL #Nativelivesmatter #MWG