Akomplice Builds Water Pump In Africa

November 26th, 2011

The Akomplice X Good Wood X Chace Infinite project has raised enough money to build a water pump, called an Elephant Pump, in the village of Bulikumwendo, Republic of Malawi, Africa. The Pump Aid organization, is the foundation we worked with to execute the building of this pump. The pump will produce around 300 gallons daily, an Elephant Pump’s water capacity over the span of a year could be over 100,000 gallons, which means our pump has the potential to produce over a million gallons of water in its first ten years. The Bulikumwendo village has a population of 61, eleven of them being orphans. By eliminating water-born diseases, the health of the community as a whole will improve. Their economy can improve through activities such as gardening, increasing the amount of food as well as providing an extra source of income for the community and its families, an income that could be spent on education along with other essentials most of us take for granted.  Listen to the exclusive song titled “Africa” that Chance Infinite recorded for this project and find out more about the collaboration.