Akomplice Camo Capsule

December 16th, 2016

See below our just released winter Camo Capsule collection. Camouflage is timeless, however, it’s often re-created with the same aesthetic. For this reason, we wanted to innovate a camo that took steps into uncharted territory. We created an oversized and subdued camouflage pattern for a flannel-lined heavy weight trench coat and a down winter jacket. The oversized and subdued concepts are carried through to the t-shirts of this collection. The standout being a thick knit camo tee that is made with heavy gauge yarn, a first of its kind, pushing the idea of what a camo t-shirt can be. Evolution through innovation. View the entire collection at our webstore here.



camo-pack-f-05 camo-pack-f-06

camo-pack-f-13 camo-pack-f-07 camo-pack-f-10

camo-pack-f-11 camo-pack-f-12  camo-pack-f-14