Akomplice For President – Fall 2012

October 2nd, 2012

Akomplice Hits The Streets Of The Democratic National Convention For Their Fall 12 Lookbook

Imagine an ambiance that resembles Marshall Law or Sin City, where snipers line the buildings, helicopters roam the sky, and riot police outnumber demonstrators 3 to 1. This scene is not a fable, it was the setting for our latest Fall look book shot in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mike and myself (Patrick Liberty), posse’d up with cohorts from North Carolina skate shop Black Sheep, and DJ duo Mr. Invisible to explore the diaspora outside the convention halls at the DNC. We roamed the streets of Charlotte and took a photo-journalistic approach to capturing our Fall collection. What we found was anything and everything in-between; from lookalike Obama’s to Occupy demonstrators. I have never seen so many police and fanatics in a 6-city block radius. Our group traveled throughout the streets of the DNC including multiple locations in downtown Charlotte, the organized protest, and the park controlled by the Occupy movement.

The new Akomplice collection of jackets, Corduroy Denim Varsities, hats, crews, belts, tees, fleece shawls, and a pocket watch was captured, but intentionally shared the scene with the diverse background of the DNC. “We never expected to see such crazy stuff” says, Blake Peterson. There was a truck pulling a trailer with a very disturbing diorama of noosed politicians including a manikin representation of Barack Obama. Another poignant visual from the demonstration was captured in the form of veteran amputee affixed to a cross, representing a reminder of the very real effects of war. This look book is a window into the rawness, intensity, and passion that exist in America and our Politics.

Photographers – Blake Peterson and Rebecca Collett

-The Griff