ShoreShot Awarded DOOM instrumental

January 3rd, 2017

ShoreShot has been chosen to receive the DOOM instrumental. This creative challenge was part of our Mystery Bag project, a collaboration we did with DOOM. Honorable Mentions include: DAN DiGi, JC The Messiah, Tolli D, and Inhale. Listen to and watch ShoreShot’s song & video below. Also read below an excerpt from cheefjustice about his inspiration and involvement with ShoreShot. Video by shamusfilms
“As a life long consumer of Hip-Hop, the greatest purchase I ever made was in 2011. I saw an article on HipHopDX with regards to a release by Akomplice in collaboration with MF DOOM. This product release was known as the Mystery box. I waited months for something to arrive and actually had no idea of what the contents of the box would be. There was a 24 hour window to purchase the box. Once i made my purchase, I also alerted two friends of this one day opportunity. They also were quick to purchase.

Upon the opening of the box, I immediately knew that this was not your average purchase. The contents of this box included a gold pocket watch, a red DOOM-STARKS cassette tape (“Victory Laps rMx by MAD VILLAINZ), an MF DOOM postcard, a treasure map, red camouflage DOOM tee, and of course, the infamous red crowbar. It would be an understatement to say my $50 purchase was anything short of priceless, and what ensued afterward gave the purchase endless value.

I was then led to a fact finding mission sponsored by Akomplice, where i would uncover the coordinates to where a DOOM treasure was located. After deciphering the puzzle, and being sent the final clues to the exact location of the treasure, it was an all out scramble to reach someone trustworthy in Colorado to go dig up the treasure. After speaking to my good friend @ChuckWhut who also solved the puzzle, we were able to contact a phenomenal musician named HL Ruth who happened to be on tour with his band, “The New Familiars”. They then drove to the location after their show, only to discover that someone had already dug up the treasure. Everyone in the band was thrilled to play a part in the experience, however, they were sad to come up empty handed.

To my knowledge, the contents of the treasure have never been revealed.

Fast forward to 2015. As soon as I heard the mention of another DOOM/Akompice collab, I was immediately ready to make another purchase and see what they had up their sleeve this time around. I ended up buying two, “Mystery Bags”. One was released by Akomplice online, which i sent to @shoreShot for his birthday in early August. The other I purchased at a skate shop just so i could add it to my personal collection. I ultimately knew this one mystery bag being sent to NJ was going to be in great hands.

The letter that was inside of the mystery bag said that we were taking the risk of entering into the unknown. We were taking part in a new level of interaction between artist and brand. We were given the tools to, “Explore our creativity.”

The letter stated, “In honor of your courage, you now have the opportunity to create and obtain a reward of invaluable measure.”

Inside the bag was a white cassette tape with a DOOM logo on it, containing one unreleased instrumental produced by the Legendary MF DOOM himself. Instructions online stated to record and upload your work to soundcloud with a specific criteria. Whoever won the contest would walk away with original unreleased DOOM beat.

Within days of shoreShot receiving the mystery bag, his, “Mystery Raps” were uploaded to soundcloud. He initially reached out to Matty Ho from Hi-Ho Records, who help him digitize the tape immediately, and record/mix what he had written to this exclusive beat tape.

Shore then took the recording to the third degree, made a trip to North Carolina, to shoot a video of his, “Mystery Raps.” It was only right to link up with his two villains, that being myself and @ChuckWhut. @ShamusFilms was thrilled to capture, and create the back drop for this DOOM groove. When it comes to product placement, dope story-telling, and, “taking the risk of entering the unknown,” I think we covered that well.

All in all, I feel like we, “Explored our creativity to the fullest.” ”