Today, we follow up with a closer look at our Akomplice x Umbro collection. Our lookbook features none other than singer and songwriter, Bam Marley, the eldest son of Ziggy Marley. We felt Bam was the perfect representative for the Peace 195 collection because of his family’s ethos, his love for fútbol, and his passion for the fashion industry. “I’ve grown up with the Umbro brand and known it my whole life,” says Bam, “Not only do fútbol and fashion mean a lot to me, but I’m also proud of the values of peace and love that my family represents and I’m excited to extend our legacy of global unity with this collaboration.”

This collection has been more than two years in the making, and now, more than ever, world peace is critical. This collection is filled with symbols and slogans that represent peace and equality. You will find these symbols both in small details, like the hat strap that spells love using Umbro’s diamond logo as the O, and as large statements like the Peace 195 emblazoned on the front of the windbreaker, the collections’ namesake that symbolizes all of the people in the 195 countries on this planet living together peacefully. Take your time to peruse the collection and take notice of the many details and nods toward world peace. Sustainability has long been a pillar of the Akomplice ideology, with the understanding that a world less stressed for natural resources is a more equal world. To neutralize the emissions associated with manufacturing, we purchase carbon offset credits to fund projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. The entire collection also is made using organic cotton and recycled polyester, a first for Umbro. Shooting this lookbook with Bam was a unique and special experience. He even played everyone on set some unreleased music from his upcoming album. Fire is all we can say. Much like his grandfather (Bob Marley) who was a champion of One Love and world peace through his music, Bam will be debuting fresh music from the next Marley generation in his first full-length hip-hop and R&B album slated for 2023!

Modeled By Bam Marley
Shot By Shawn McCarney Alviz
Photo Edits By The Polf
Styled By Liana Vasserot
Art Director Patrick Liberty