Akomplice x The Nature Conservancy

November 8th, 2013

We continue to innovate and push the bounds of what a clothing company can stand for, this time through the Protect Species collection. We created an animal inspired series that, at first, we simply wanted to rock, but then thought let’s take it even further and make it even fresher by partnering with an organization that aims to help protect these beautiful creatures. We did some research and found that the Nature Conservancy was doing remarkable work in this exact area, so we decided to donate 10% of our profit from the collection to their organization. The Nature Conservancy’s mission is to protect both land and water worldwide in order to preserve the resources for nature and people. They focus on protecting ecologically important lands that serve as the habitat to many endangered species. We believe in their mission and want to help the cause. The Protect Species collection posits exotic animals against a series of t-shirts. The cheetah, flamingo and lion are all represented and serve as a reminder that earth’s resources are finite and shared with other living beings. Check the entire collection here.