Black Voters Matter x Akomplice x Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition

June 20th, 2020

100% of Profits Donated
Black Voters Matter x Akomplice x Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition

Let us all come together to stand with and support the Black community who have suffered through slavery, violence, and immense systemic oppression. We must take responsibility and continue the current momentum of organizing, strategizing, mobilizing, and letter writing so that we can see radical systemic change in policy and practice. You are witnessing a revolution! Find a way that best fits your character to advocate for change then follow through. Learning and unlearning is a crucial step for all of us. We must put our efforts into encouraging voter participation, protecting voting rights, and reimagining how we rebuild Black communities and invest in Black businesses. In a continued effort towards these goals, Akomplice has come together with Black Voters Matter Fund & Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition to help raise money for their work. 

Presale for the Everyone collaboration shirt ends Monday, June 22nd, at 11:59 pm pst. 100% of profits from purchases will be split evenly between Black Voters Matter Fund and Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition.

Black Voters Matter FundMission Statement: Our goal is to increase power in our communities. Effective voting allows a community to determine its own destiny. We advocate for policies to expand voting rights/access, including expanded early voting, resisting voter ID, re-entry restoration of rights and strengthening the Voting Rights Act. We also advocate for policies that intersect with race, gender, economic and other aspects of equity.

If you would like to donate to BVM directly, please use this link.

Minnesota Rapid Response Coalition This coalition, consisting of: Aurora St Anthony Neighborhood Development Corporation, Bourne Strategies, Kindly, The Sanneh Foundation, Ujamaa Place and the surrounding community, is committed to rapidly responding to community crisis in the state of Minnesota. Many local, small businesses were adversely impacted due to the riots related to the murder of George Floyd and many others. This coalition has joined together to help clean-up and rebuild businesses along the Lake Street, Midway and East Saint Paul business corridors and will soon begin allocating resources throughout the Twin Cities. Their efforts lower the businesses’ unforeseen expenses so that they can get back to work and thrive.

If you would like to donate to MRRC directly, please use this link.

Over the past weeks, it has been truly inspiring to see the change that is possible when we all come together. Here is an inspiring list of the progress we have created together.

George Floyd Protests Lead To Arrests Of Other 3 Officers And The First Officer’s Murder Charge Upgraded

LA Mayor Defunds $100 Million From LAPD

Virginia Governor Announces Removal of Confederate Statue of Robert E. Lee

National Football League (NFL) Condemns Racism and Police Brutality, And Admits They Were Wrong About #TakeAKnee

Minneapolis School Department Terminates Contract With MPD

Portland, OR, School Department Ends Cops In Schools Program

US Marine Corps Bans Public Displays Of Confederate Flag By Members

Facebook Works Rebel Against Zuckerberg’s Trump-Friendly Approach

International Cities Join George Floyd Protests

Minneapolis City Council Announces Intent to Disband Police Department

Louisville City Council Passes “Breonna’s Law” And Bans No-Knock Warrants

Protests Win City Council Votes to Defund More Police Units

Camden, NJ, Overhauled The Police According To “The Consent of the People”

Netherlands Prime Minister Says Stereotyped “Black Pete” Will Disappear From Christmas Traditions

In New Zealand, A Racist Statue Was Removed Amid Maori Protests

Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Pause Facial Recognition Software Projects For Police

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags

Judges Strike Down Ag-Gag Laws As Violating First Amendment

Colorado Judge Temporarily Bans Tear Gas Against Protestors

Protests Spread To 3,000 Towns, A Historic High

Teen Girls Organize 10,000 Person Protests For Black Lives Matter In Nashville

New York City Theaters Open Doors As Safe Space For Protestors

Health Workers March To Expose Racism As A Health Crisis

Black Lives Matter Transforms Trump’s White House Fence Into a Protest Memorial

Oakland Farmers Band Together To Feed Protestors

Black Lives Matter Street Murals Are Popping Up All Over

Community Leads The Way In Rebuilding Efforts

In memory of: George FloydBreonna TaylorAhmaud ArberyRem’mie FellsRiah MiltonTony McDadeRayshard BrooksOluwatoyin SalauJamar ClarkJaffort SmithBrian J. QuinonesMarcus GoldenCordale HandyIsak AdenPhilando CastileFong LeeJustin Teigan

…And the countless other Black lives lost to police brutality and racist violence.