Blue Gold Documentary x Akomplice

September 3rd, 2012

To celebrate Labor Day and push our mission of water protection and conservation, we are going to give a free stainless steel water bottle with every purchase of “The Blue Gold T-Shirt” for the next 24 hours. Ends September 4th 8am EST.

We chose to release this project on Labor Day because it shows one of our contributions to society and this is part of what Labor Day stands for. Akomplice is a labor of love. We cherish this world and all the exciting possibilities it offers. So what labor could be more important then protecting the element that makes this whole life experience possible – Water.

Without further ado we are proud to be officially releasing our philanthropic collaboration with the highly acclaimed “Blue Gold: World Water Wars” Documentary. The aim of partnering with Sam Bozzo’s film is to foster awareness and also raise money to protect and preserve our most precious resource, the foundation of life – Water.

Blue Gold is an award winning documentary film concerning the environmental and political implications of the world’s diminishing clean water supply. Akomplice has linked up with Blue Gold to offer a socially conscious line of t-shirts and water bottles both packaged with the full length DVD, in order to raise awareness for the impending world water crisis. The 2008 documentary film by Sam Bozzo paints a future in which wars are fought over water as investors and governments jockey for control of a diminishing water supply. We made use of the film’s provocative cover art , a water jug symbolically retro-fitted as a grenade on a range of three t-shirts. Akomplice will be donating 100% of our profits from the collaborative capsule collection to Food & Water Watch, an organization built to ensure the safe and sustainable production of our food and water. Akomplice is taking a stance with our Blue Gold collaboration to protect our most precious resource, and in doing so we hope to inspire people to join forces and come together to protect our children’s and grandchildren’s future. For us here at Akomplice this is a labor of love.