Knyew Las Vegas

August 30th, 2012

“In Las Vegas, spending your hard-earned cash at the Spearmint Rhino never gets old. That is, unless you’re DJ Crooked, who partnered up with fellow New Yorker, DJ Neva, to open the Knyew (pronounced “new”) earlier this year. “People were telling me to invest in a house,” says Crooked, “But I’m from New York. Who needs a house?”.. (click for more bio).

We were in Las Vegas for the Magic Tradeshow last week (more on that to come), and had the good fortune of stopping by our homie’s spot Knyew. Knyew is a hot street-wear shop, west of the strip on Spring Mountain Road, right next to one of the best and cheapest sandwich shops I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating at. They have impeccable taste and stock the store with the season’s finest.  We here at Akomplice are proud to be amongst the brands that they carry.