Fall 2013 Now Available

Akomplice’s Fall 2013 collection is now available to the world. See our Stockist Section to find an AK dealer in your town or shop at the Akomplice Webstore.

Join The Monkey Wrench Gang

In the spirit of mischief, in the name of civil disobedience, Akomplice and X-Large come together to form the Monkey Wrench Gang.


July 1st, 2014

Like no other element, water has the power to shape our lives. From where we choose to live to how we feel, its current flows beneath our everyday. But what if we had the power to shape water itself?

That’s the animating question behind our Water Love Series.

Our latest release finds us exploring Dr. Masaru Emoto’s hypothesis that consciousness can change the molecular structure of water. Dr. Emoto, a Japanese Scientist, conducted an experiment in which he wrote the word “love” on bottles of water, among other positive diction, which transformed the water molecules into brilliant colored snowflake patterns. In contrast, writing negative words on the same bottles of water produced dull, asymmetrical structures. We pondered the idea that if our own bodies are three quarters water and the earth’s surface is 70% covered with H20, what would be the effect if we wore the word love on our body? The outcome: The Water Love Series, an ode to water in which we emblazoned the word “LOVE” in 38 different languages on the inside of every shirt in the form of an infinity helix. The range includes t-shirts, tanks and a pair of trunks that are sure to have all the shorties jockin’. Each garment is hang tagged with the philosophy behind the Water Love Series. We aim to continue to push the boundaries of the fashion industry, enjoy. The collection is available on our Website and is available at fine Akomplice retailers worldwide. Be sure check out the rest of the series after the jump. LOVE.


Spotted – Paper Diamond

June 22nd, 2014

Jason Siegel took this dope photo of our friend Paper Diamond before his 420 show. Here he rocks the Scribble 5 Panel back stage in his dressing room. It’s cool to watch Paper Diamond’s progression as an artist. We’re proud to see many of hip-hop’s elite seeking out his production for their albums.

Paper Diamond

Electric Forest X Akomplice

June 21st, 2014

The Electric Forest crew and our creative architects have been carefully designing a new collaboration project. Although the actual result will be hidden until next week’s festival, we have decided to launch a sneak peek and bring some of you with us! Re-post one of the below photos as well the text marked in quotes to enter the contest. You can also visit our post on Instagram for the contest photo and text instructions: http://instagram.com/p/pgsSr2N9Ao/

“To win 2 Electric Forest tickets and a box of AK gear, hashtag #electricakomplice and tag @akomplice @electric_forest! Re-post photo and text.”

Winner will be chosen Monday, June 23rd at 10am PST. Contest valid in the US only. Good luck.


Akomplice “For The Love” Summer Collection

June 5th, 2014

Our Summer collection is themed on a three word ethos that we try to live and breathe, “For The Love.” We hope you can feel the love in our Summer 2014 offering. This has been one of our most anticipated collections and a staff favorite all around. The collection was just featured on Complex and many other prominent lifestyle websites. HighSnobiety even said our paradise umbrella “is sure to be the umbrella of the year” which was a honor to hear. We are very excited to share this collection with you. Not only is it one of our most extensive offerings, but it also showcases a batch of our fresh in-house patterns adorned on a range of cut and sew pieces. Fresh pieces such as the blue dilation anorak and black stripe moan joggers are complemented by classic Akomplice humor hidden subtly and not so subtly throughout the collection. See the hieroglyphics printed on the inside of the Egyptian tee to know what we mean. This season we have an offering for those wanting fresh, clean, classic pieces, and also for those of you that are looking to put some fire in your summer wardrobe. Take the Miss Cleo tee for example, we won’t spoil the surprise, but we found her new job where callers are even more welcome. We strive to always innovate. Founded for the love and created with love. The collection will drop worldwide on Saturday, June 7th at Akomplice retailers and our Webstore. Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to check out the rest of the collection after the jump.


Akomplice Summer 14 Lookbook

May 21st, 2014

For our Summer 2014 lookbook, we decided to continue our lineage of journalistic lookbooks and cover our home state’s new law, which legalized recreational marijuana. Wherever we go, this is something that people ask us about, so we knew this needed to be documented.  In the process of shooting the lookbook, we watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special titled “WEED”, which showcased how marijuana was helping save the lives of patients experiencing deadly seizures and helping others battle cancer. This reinvigorated the need to expose the medical powers of this plant once included in the United States pharmacopoeia. To shoot the lookbook we got a special invite to Native Root’s grow house here in our home state of Colorado. It felt like a school field trip when we saw the growing process and all the steps involved. With over 500 pounds of marijuana on hand, safe rooms mirrored maximum security vaults and served as fertile ground to display the newest collection. The Summer release served as a nice contrast against the magnificent jungle of plants, which was modeled by Jeff Cormack of indie band South of France and Mass Prod of Foodchain. Denver local photographer Jason Siegel shot the lookbook in both the Native Roots’s grow house and at Colorado’s 420 rally. Collection bangers include long and short sleeve button ups, jogger pants, sublimation tees and a slew of detailed cut and sew patterns, not to mention custom tie-dyes. With the first $40 million in tax revenue generated from Denver’s legal marijuana trade being donated to school construction, our “smoke weed for the children” stance has never been firmer. Look for the Summer Collection to debut at Akomplice retailers worldwide and our Webstore in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Also, be sure to stay up to date on the groundbreaking medical advances that this once blacklisted plant species is making possible. Don’t forget to check out the whole Summer cookbook after the jump.