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In the spirit of mischief, in the name of civil disobedience, Akomplice and X-Large come together to form the Monkey Wrench Gang.

Fila x Akomplice – Mindbreaker 2.0 “The Aries”

April 5th, 2019

True to the Aries character as the first sign in the zodiac, this shoe breaks new ground by holding distinction as the first FILA to ever incorporate hemp. The shoe’s hemp construction was more than an aesthetic choice, it was selected to draw attention to the material as a sustainable and durable alternative to other fabrics. The apparel industry is one of the world’s largest polluters, and this is the underlying message behind the material choice. The red detailing through the sole, heel and tongue as well as the Greek letters and numbers on the back are all nods to the astrological sign. The official Aries symbol, the ram, is illustrated in detail on the insole and as a subtle symbol at the midsole. Even the photo shoot incorporates fire, another Aries trait.











The shoe originally saw a limited release of 45 pairs for FILA in 2018, and is back for another 45 pair run to coincide with the Aries season (March 21st – April 19th). Unlike a typical sneaker drop, the only way to secure a pair is to present a photo I.D. proving you were born during the Aries period. Alternatively, you can try your luck making the case for why you deserve one of the coveted pairs. This alternative release method is being employed to ensure that the shoes make it to the feet of the passionate.

The shoe is now open for submissions on our Webstore.

Photos Shot By: Michael DiFranco-McCarney
Photos Edited By: Beth Saravo

Note: Fire & Smoke captured in photos is real and not photoshopped.



February 19th, 2019


The NIGHT LIGHTS lookbook showcases key headwear and fleece pieces from our Akomplice 27 Collection. Denver based Jason Siegel, our friend and esteemed photographer, shot the lookbook on the Santa Monica Pier. The photo story features The Tribe’s own Allegra Ream. Season 27 is complete with embroidered, heavy-weight fleece tops, all made using organic cotton. To view the lookbook in its entirety, click here




Lavender FIELDS

February 18th, 2019

Responsibly hand dyed on 100% organic cotton. The Lav Capsule consists of mock neck short sleeves and long sleeves, as well as a mid-weight, French Terry hoodie to take you from winter to spring.

This collection is available on the Akomplice Webstore.





Mi Bandera Lookbook – Unity Not Walls

January 6th, 2019

Created in collaboration with Mexican-American artist, Nacho Becerra, Mi Bandera is a symbol of love, brotherhood and unity with Mexico. Standing staunchly against the border wall, ICE raids, separation of children from their parents, and the Trump administration’s general characterization of Mexican people, the Mi Bandera project aims to celebrate the confluence of two cultures by blending traditional Mexican serape fabric with the stars of the US flag. According to Becerra, the flag represents “all of the people striving to be legal in the beautiful and abundant country of the United States.”

In addition to the flag, Becerra’s art adorns a selection of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets and hats that were shot over the course of three days in Tijuana, San Diego and Los Angeles. The choice to shoot subjects of all ages, ethnicities and genders for the lookbook was intentional, as they’re representative of the diverse cross-section of those who love and support Mexico, its people, and its culture. Closeups of each person’s face and shoes and the wrinkles that adorn each symbolize our varied paths and common humanity. Rock the flag, show the world where you stand.

Mi Bandera is available on the Akomplice Webstore and at specialty retailers worldwide. View the entire lookbook here.

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