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Akomplice’s Natural Dye Collection is now available to the world. See our Stockist Section to find an AK dealer near you, or shop at the Akomplice Webstore.

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In the spirit of mischief, in the name of civil disobedience, Akomplice and X-Large come together to form the Monkey Wrench Gang.

Akomplice X Wemoto on

July 17th, 2009

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Coming from similar backgrounds in the industry, Wemoto worked with Akomplice on a set of collaborative t-shirts. Akomplice was established in 2004, from the middle of nowhere in Colorado, while Wemoto started in 2003 in the fashion-deficient city of Wiesbaden, Germany. Despite their locations, each brand has been able to build and grow over the years through friendship and hard work. Taking their as inspiration for the project, each respective tee will be distributed by the other brand in their home territories of North America and Europe.

View each colorway in the Akomplice x Wemoto T-Shirt series after the jump.

Only Available in Europe

This is our design for Wemoto and it was only released in Europe. If your a true fan, you’ll get your hands on one. First person to hit us back with who this is, wins a free t-shirt. Submit your answer to:

‘Sex in the Pocket’ Tee Can Get You Laid!

June 30th, 2009

We got an E-mail the other day from a very happy customer. Here is what he said:

what up mike,
just wanted to drop some love and tell you that your sex in the pocket tee came in handy for real. i was with this girl and she was totally down and i remembered there was a condom in my shirt pocket at the right time. your tee is amazing and it most def got me laid that night hahaha. much love for akomplice

the homie,

Thanks for the props Francis. Keep on rockin Akomplice and gettin’ lucky.