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100% Organic Cotton
Made in the USA
Carbon Neutral

“For the last several years we were preparing photographs for a book to be published by Louis Vuitton, so every summer we went to the Carpathian mountains in Ukraine and lived there for several months, discovering the land while traveling on our enduro motorbike and working on the project. The weather didn’t let us take a shot for several days. In one of them, we were even caught by a huge heavy rain with a thunderstorm. As we were deep into mountains far from society and on a motorbike, we decided to wait for the rain to finish and then start getting out, but after several hours of waiting when the density of rain was not even getting lower, we had to start getting out in a dangerous manner, all totally wet, half driving, half floating, all in deep mud, with lightning bolts hitting hills around, and wild horses running across. That adventure was a lucky one to end well, but to be honest, was a bit scary.”
Tania and Roman of Synchrodogs