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Made in the USA
Carbon Neutral
Black is 100% Organic Cotton

“Synchronicity (Image 1)
For the last 7 years in Ukraine, we used to live on the roof floor of the building with a view of the lake and mountains. We particularly selected the place because of the view as it was giving us the spectacular sunset every single day during summer. We even bought a super zoom camera only to be able to shoot hundreds of sunsets. So the laser shot was made one of those days.

Synchronicity (Image 2)
We were always fascinated by the textures nature is making, nature is definitely the best artist out there, and we are just learning from it.

Synchronicity (Image 3)
One of the earliest shootings made in 2011, was the first acknowledgment that the connection with nature is a very real thing in our life, as it is something that gives us harmony and balance, something we are happy being surrounded by.

Synchronicity (Image 4)
This work is an outtake from the Inner Garden project, the one that was about observations of the inner world existing independently from the rest of the world and still flourishing during times of pandemic. It appeared to be a calm time of solitude where many ideas came to life, rather than torture in a wide sense. So the project is a reflection on the mood of the time we all faced the surrender.”
Tania and Roman of Synchrodogs